About us…

Two years in the making, Little Jacks is the end product of a family dinner table discussion.

Family is so important to the Lamberts: thriving on making memories whether its casual tea and cake or formal parties and mini breaks. Someone once said mum could make an occasion out of opening an envelope – its completely true. 

Hospitality is in our blood: we have pub landlords, a Blackpool landlady and a chef as part of our heritage. This just seemed a natural step for us to take. 


We are also massive coffee lovers. How many times do we endure a bad coffee? That will not happen when you buy a coffee from Little Jacks. We believe you should drink coffee that is ‘made your way’.

Our customers select their preferences for milk, coffee, syrup and size: each cup is made fresh to their individual taste. For the non-coffee lovers we serve tea, hot chocolate and herbal teas. All made with the same love and care.

Little Jacks is also licenced to sell alcoholic drinks. Talk to us about your requirements and we will happily put together a bespoke package that will suit your event perfectly. 

We have the passion and insight to make any event a success. Our customers and their needs are the centre of our focus. We commit to working with them throughout the planning stages and on the day to ensure they make memories that will last forever. 

Meet the team…


LJ is the horsebox. He’s a 1970’s Rice box, which has been lovingly restored and converted to breathe life into our family’s dream. 

LJ can be decorated with bunting, lights, flowers and whatever else our customers want to colour co-ordinate LJ with their event. 

The tail ramp lifts and can be dressed for fabulous photo opportunities. 

LJ is the family member that will add little bit of special whatever the occasion. 


Or ‘Mamma Bear’ as the kids call her. 

The matriarch figure who goes 100% on all she does. Jayne is a typical Italian Mamma Mia – but isn’t Italian. Nobody leaves her home hungry: she can conjure up a buffet from an empty fridge and loves nothing more than having a houseful of guests. 

Jayne loves cooking and is a great baker: pies, cupcakes and her signature lemon drizzle is amazing. 

Jayne has always wanted her own business and coupled with working with her family make it extra special. 

Little Jacks makes her dream a reality. 


Tom is the coffee connoisseur: he knows his coffee and is an expert barista. 

Tom has always dreamt of owning his own coffee business and there’s nobody else he’d rather run it with than his mum. They’re a great team 

Little Jacks is Tom’s vision. He spent 18 months researching other similar businesses to see what works. He has been involved in the creation of LJ and has ensured his and Jayne’s individuality is stamped on the final design. 

Tom grew up with a large family around him; spending weekends with his cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents generated the bond that remains now he and his cousins are adults with family of their own. 

Tom’s degree in business and marketing has certainly put him in good stead for getting Little Jacks operational. His expert knowledge and expertise has well and truly been put into practice over the last few months. 

Just like his mum, Little Jacks makes his dream a reality. 


Ben (Tom’s Fiance) is the Gin connoisseur: he knows his Gin and is an even better expert when it comes to the “requirement” of Gin tasting. 

Ben like Tom has always shared the dream of running and owning his own business. Ben is a key part in growing the family business and in the team’s success. He has lived in and around the Cheshire region for the past 6 years and there isn’t a road or person Ben doesn’t know. He’s a huge part of the Cheshire community and his long list of contacts will ensure any request for your event is fulfilled.

Ben has been heavily involved in the creation of LJ’s, his knowledge of the equestrian and agricultural industry has ensured LJ’s overall look and branding stays true to its origin with a unique vintage edge.

Like Tom & Jayne Little Jacks makes his dream a reality.


Amie is the Event Manager: she knows how to make “it” happen. 

Like the rest of the family she has always shared the dream of running and owning her own business. Amie is an integral part to making your event the talk of the town. She has worked in the Events Industry for the last 8 years and heads up her own team of Event Managers on some of the most well known events across the UK.

Like the rest of the family Little Jacks makes her dream a reality.


Neil is the silent partner but yet the most imperative.  

Like the rest of the family he has always shared the dream of running and owning her own business. Neil is a massive fan of Jayne’s cooking and like Jayne loves nothing more than having a houseful of guests. He is often found doing the entertaining, with a G&T in hand, whilst Jayne can be found in the kitchen.

Like the rest of the family Little Jacks makes his dream a reality.


Chester is the family dog: the team mascot. 

An 8 year-old Jug (pug x jack russell) is the heart of the family home. Who can deny that coming home and being greeted by their dog isn’t a great feeling. Then again, Chester’s like that when we’ve only been to the car. 

Chester’s got a character all of his own: he’s an intelligent little chap and he’s a natural choice for our team mascot and often the chairman of many board meetings.

Chester’s favourite treat is gravy bones, so visitors to LJ can take one for their own pooch with love from Chester.